FiFi in a      nutshell

FiFi now has about 140 members! It's a group created specially for women living in SW France. All proceedings are conducted in English, although we do have members from around the globe and we embrace our French way of life!  Our activities are roughly centred around St Antonin Noble Val and Septfonds, but we welcome anyone who lives within easy reach of our events. For those who have moved to a new country or area, it can sometimes be difficult to make friends and for ladies on their own, it can be quite daunting.

FiFi provides a network of like-minded women of all ages and backgrounds.

We offer each other friendship and support, as well as sharing our skills. Our Activity Groups meet regularly and cover a wide range of interests, plus there are monthly lunches and weekly coffee mornings. Above all, we are there to support each other when the going gets tough and you need a helping hand.

We also operate a lending list where members can borrow items from each other.

It costs 15 € a year to join, and the activity groups are free with the exception of Aquacycling (although there can be a charge for materials in other groups).       Members also receive a monthly newsletter, a weekly bulletin (both by email) and access to an active Facebook page (members only).

Join us for coffee, try your hand at oil painting, gardening, aqua cycling, or get your culinary creative juices flowing and make bread, sausages, pasta in our regular group sessions..masses of opportunities for whatever takes your fancy!

And if it's not on the list, why not start a group?! 

Join us for a coffee at one of our organised coffee mornings

Share tips with friends on our private Facebook page

Want to borrow wine glasses, coffee cups or kiddie carseats?

You would be amazed at the items on our lending list. Our members lend out baby equipment, commodes, crutches and much more

We're a talented bunch of ladies!

If you’re looking for accommodation, a caterer, crafts person, estate agent, French lessons, furniture maker, upholsterer, wedding planner  or for massage, mindfulness, yoga sessions ...or even spinning lessons?...LOOK NO FURTHER! Click on the PDF button to open our Business Forum directory and see whether a FiFi member can help!