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Clarification of the AGM


The AGM shall take place each year in the month of May. The AGM takes two forms. The first is a general meeting for all members, dealing with a review of fixed annual contributions, reports from the President and Treasurer of the Association and AOB.


Members should be encouraged to indicate AOB issues to the Secretary two weeks before the meeting where possible. If issues of AOB are suggested at a later date they will be discussed by the Committee at the next meeting and feedback will be given to the members as appropriate.

Every second year the AGM will include the process of re-electing the Association Committee.


The process of voting shall be as follows:


The Secretary shall call for prospective candidates for the Committee to put their names forward for election by sending written notification of the upcoming election to all members not less than 30 days prior to the Bi-Annual General Meeting. Prospective candidates will forward, for the interest of the members, details of their experience or interest.

Prospective candidates shall notify the Secretary of their intention to stand for election not less than 20 days before the Bi-Annual General Meeting, and the Secretary shall inform members of their names and details.

A majority of all members must be present either physically or by proxy at the Bi-Annual General Meeting; proxy votes to be certified by a written signed document by the member giving her proxy to another member

Each member or proxy shall have up to 11 votes to cast for members of the Committee. Members or proxies may only cast one vote per candidate for election to the Committee

The (up to) 11 candidates with the most votes shall be elected to the Committee

Voting shall be by written secret ballot

In the event of a tie the President has the casting vote


Once the Committee has been voted in, the Committee will then vote, from members of the Committee, for the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

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