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Articles of Association for Friends in France International

(according to the Law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of 16 August 1901).




This Association is founded by the members and governed by the general principles of the law included in the Act of July 1st 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901, as well as by the present statutes in this document and under the title: Friends In France International, known as FiFi.





The object of this Association is


To engage in social, educational and cultural activities for the benefit of the members





The headquarters of the Association will be at a designated and agreed address. The address can be changed by a decision of the Committee and any changes of the Siege Social will be passed to the Prefecture.




The duration of the Association shall be unlimited from the date of notice of the statement made to the Prefecture of the Siege Sociale pursuant to Article 5 of the Act of 1 July 1901.





The Association is composed of :


a)        Honorary members, who are appointed by decision of the Committee on account of services rendered to the Association.

b)        Active members, who participate in the activities of the Association.


The Association is open to women over the age of 16 of any nationality. Proceedings will be conducted in English unless stated otherwise.





New members apply by contacting the Association by email or letter. Membership of the Association is subject to agreement with the Articles and payment of the membership fee, any increase or decrease to be determined by a vote of the membership at the AGM.


Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December. Any member joining after 1st October in any year will be renewed automatically for the following year.


The Committee (by discussion and vote) can refuse acceptance/renewal of a membership request.



The members –


a)        Honorary members are those  who have given service to the Association and who are exempt from payment.

b)        Active members, who have made the commitment to pay the annual membership as stated in the minutes of the AGM.


All members must accept the Articles and agree to the internal rules as displayed on the web-site.





Members of the Association, as specified in Article 5 of these Articles, can lose their membership by :


a)          Resignation in writing to the president of the Association

b)          Death

c)          Failure to pay the annual fee within 30 days of it becoming due as notified by the  Association,

d)          Breach of the Articles or through unacceptable behaviour. The member concerned will be invited by letter to provide an explanation of such                 behaviour to the Committee in writing.





The resources of the Association include:


1.         Dues paid by members of the Association

2.         Donations from public bodies

3.        Gifts inter vivo or testamentary that the Association may receive because of its purpose as provided by Article 3-1 of the amended Decree                    No.63- 388 of 13 June 1966

4.         Monies from the sale of the Association’s property or from the provision of a service.

5.         Subsidies provided by the State, the region, the Department, the Municipality and their  approved organisations





The Association is directed by a Committee of up to 11 members elected for 2 consecutive years at the Bi-Annual General Meeting. The members are allowed to re-stand for election. It is recommended that the roles of President and Vice-president are held for a maximum of 4 years.


The Committee is elected by the Association members in a secret ballot at the Bi-Annual General Meeting.  At the same meeting, from the Committee, the following posts are elected:


1)         President; the president shall have the full responsibility for fulfilling the Articles in this declaration and its public notices, as required by current law. The role of the president is to guide the work of the Committee and the Association towards fulfilling the aims of the Association. As such the president needs to be aware of all workings of the Association and shall have the final word on actions and communications, but cannot overrule a Committee decision.


2)        Vice-president; the vice president will support the president in the work of guiding the Committee and the Association. The vice president will also step into the role of president in the case of absence.


3)         Secretary; the secretary shall fully manage all official meetings, including the Bi-Annual General Meeting. The secretary shall also be responsible for the monthly and weekly communications with members.


4)     Treasurer; the treasurer shall oversee and present the budget, accounts and financial statements, keeping records as required and taking responsibility for monies received and spent.


Any member of 16 years and older can participate at the AGM. To be part of the Bureau it is obligatory to be 18 or over.  In case of the absence of any member for any reason, the Committee shall provide for temporary replacement of its members until an appointed permanent replacement is elected at the next Bi-Annual General Meeting. The powers of temporary Committee members will end on the election of a replacement.





The Committee shall meet at least once every three months convened by the President or at the request of at least one quarter of its members. Unless there are compelling reasons, a Committee member who does not attend for three consecutive meetings should be removed from office.

Decisions are made by a majority vote of the Committee (50% +1) but, in the event of an equal vote, the President has the carrying vote.





The Committee has the full authority to administer the Articles of the Association as agreed at the Bi-Annual General Meeting, to manage, direct and administer the Association in all circumstances.

In exceptional circumstances the Committee can decide to use and pay for exterior consultants.





All contributions of work and time offered to the Association by the Committee, group leaders and members are free and of a voluntary nature. Costs incurred on occasion caused by fulfilling their role of Committee members and group leaders may be reimbursed when evidence is produced. Such costs must be agreed by a majority of the Committee and noted in the meeting minutes. The financial report presented at the Bi-Annual General Meeting should include details of all such refunds, travel expenses and costs.





The Ordinary General Assembly includes all full active members of the Association and takes

place every year in May. At least 15 days before the meeting, members are convened, in writing, by the Secretary of the Association. Communication includes the agenda for the meeting. At the AGM only the items on the agenda shall be dealt with.


The President, assisted by the Committee, presides over the meeting and presents the overall situation of the Association, the balance sheet prepared by the treasurer and any other general matter on the agenda.


Decisions at both Annual General Meetings (Annual and Bi-Annual) shall be taken by a simple majority of members attending the meeting. All votes are taken by raising hands (except for the vote of the new Committee, which will be by a secret ballot) of those at the meeting or by an email to the Secretary by those absent (who wish to vote).


The decisions of the meetings are to be followed by all members, including those absent. Every second year in the month of May, the General Assembly meets as the Bi-Annual General meeting. At this meeting the Committee is re-elected.


Minutes of all meetings are available for inspection and are kept in the statutory book





On request of any office bearer, a majority of the Committee or a majority of members, an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened by the President and notice shall be given by the Secretary to the members of the reason for the meeting and the business to be addressed.

Decisions taken by the Extraordinary General Meeting shall be taken by a simple majority of members attending the meeting. 





Within this document is an internal set of rules established by the Committee to explain various expectations not provided by these statutes. As a growing Association and for the support of members, Friends In France International has a Code of Conduct aimed at supporting the objectives of the Association.





The dissolution of the Association may be decided by an Annual General Meeting or Extra – Ordinary General meeting with it being

quorum and with a majority vote. Following which any assets shall be distributed in accordance with the Act of July 1901. If agreed, they will be distributed to a named charity to be agreed at an Annual General Meeting.

These Articles replace those of the 12 August 2017 and have been adopted by the Annual General Meeting of the Association held on the 18 May 2018 in Septfonds.



 Fait à Septfonds, le 30 septembre. 2018

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